FasTag Recharge Service Portal & App By Udaaanpe

FasTag revolutionizes toll payment by automatically deducting charges, facilitating uninterrupted vehicle passage through toll booths. Leveraging RFID technology, it ensures cashless transactions from prepaid accounts. Affixed to the windshield, the RFID antenna at toll booths scans the QR code, lifting the cantilever barrier for seamless passage. Valid for five years and available in seven colors, each designated for specific vehicle types, FasTag optimizes travel on national highways. It operates at all toll stations, with plans for mandatory adoption per the Highway Authority of India. For Fastag recharge, Udaaanpe leads the industry, providing an intuitive online portal and the highest commission rates. Its seamless recharge platform, coupled with collaborations with major banks like IDFC, PNB, Federal Bank, Axis, Kotak, ICICI, Yes Bank, and HDFC, ensures widespread accessibility. Choosing Udaaanpe guarantees both convenience and enhanced earnings, making it the preferred choice for Fastag users.

How fastag works at toll plaza

Fastag streamlines toll collection with an RFID tag on the vehicle's windshield. Approaching a dedicated lane at toll plazas, the RFID tag is detected by overhead scanners, instantly deducting the toll fee from the linked account or prepaid wallet. This seamless process occurs within seconds, eliminating cash transactions and reducing wait times. Fastag has significantly improved toll collection efficiency, minimizing traffic congestion, and enhancing the overall road travel experience for commuters.

Highlights of FasTag Program

RFID Technology

The Fastag employs RFID technology, affixed to the vehicle's windshield, enabling seamless toll passage without the need to stop at the cash counter.

Udaaanpe Wallet

FasTag is linked to a wallet and automatically deducts the relevant fee amount for toll transactions.

More than 450 Toll Plazas

FasTag is presently operational at over 450 Toll Plazas on national highways, with plans to expand to additional cities and state plazas in the future.

How it works?

Top up FasTag account via online methods.

Scan label for toll payment at the plaza entrance.

Strolling on foot through the bustling plaza with vibrant surroundings.

Benefits of FasTag

For Vehicle Owners:

Experience hassle-free toll payments with quick, efficient FasTag transactions.

Skip queues, use FasTag for swift passage.

Cash back

Uninterrupted movement cuts fuel costs, enhancing overall efficiency for vehicles.

Recharge FasTag using diverse options like credit/debit cards, NEFT, ensuring flexibility for seamless transactions.

For Toll operators:

FasTag: Cashless, Convenient, Toll Payment Solution.

FasTag: Streamlines toll processing, reducing time for smoother, efficient transactions.

Long queues and changes eliminate customer aggression, ensuring a smoother toll experience with FasTag.

Reduces Operating Costs Efficiently.

Centralizing user accounts ensures better audit control for efficient monitoring.

For Government:

Enhances road management efficiently.

FasTag brings transparency to toll transactions, ensuring clear, accountable processes.

Mitigates revenue leakage effectively.

Strengthens project responsibility with accountability.

Become A Retailer and earn upto Rs. 1 Lakh per month