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Udaaanpe is a NexGen B2B FinTech Organization, setting a Programming interface foundation in the Banking, Monetary and Check biological systems. We're building one of the world's biggest Monetary and Confirmation Programming interface stacks. Furthermore, we have made a Bound together Open Programming interface Stage to consistently unite all Programming interface arrangements on a solitary, complete dashboard. We brag an item rundown of more than 65 APIs across a huge number of fragments like Banking, Confirmation, Protection, Loaning, Venture and Travel. In this way, we fulfill the key Programming interface prerequisites of all our current and our to-be accomplices. With 1200+ accomplices locally available, we have cemented our position on the lookout and are ready to develop. We offer the adaptability to restrict with any bank of your decision. We put stock in zero manual mediation, one can finish the web based onboarding with least documentation and get everything rolling in a split second. Moreover, our devoted client care and technical support groups are accessible day in and day out to help you at each step of the excursion. making banking services accessible to all, especially in rural areas Director Mr Shantanu Anand.

Udaaanpe is a B2B2C fintech company Director Mr Shantanu Anand. with ISO 27001:2013 certification.Udaaanpe has been working to expand financial inclusion through its robust technology by providing seamless, fast and secure banking, finance and payment solutions, especially to the unbanked population through its vast Digi Mitra network. with a focus on rural areas. . and semi-rural areas.The idea behind Udaaanpe was to eliminate financial exclusion at its root. Therefore, the activities carried out and the services provided by Udaaanpe aim to narrow the gap that exists in society between people who have easy access to modern but basic financial services and those who suffer from inaccessibility to financial services in any form minimize. .

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